What's your brand without an audience? It's important to make professional and social connections that will go further than just being an audience for your brand. Channel their positive energy and convert them into fans. Build your fan base both inside and outside of ACHNET by including your other social networks. Then, stay more sincerely connected. It all adds up! Literally! Your interaction with fans and the larger online community will add to your personal brand.

Power Connect encourages you to sincerely connect, that is, you're able to choose "Inner Circle" as your hub for assigning connections to your professional network. Here, you decide who will become a loyal fan—who'll become someone you can reach out to for genuine support and positive ratings. You also establish relationships with fans or the larger ACHNET community through "Mentors and Coaches." This can be an important step in helping you achieve goals, receiving counseling through career moves, and much more.

It's a way to make powerful connections that lead to opportunities and opportunities that lead to success. Why just connect when there's more value when you Power Connect™?