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Mongo Db Administration
one month ago

Job Role:


  • Excellent experience on MongoDB Administration
    • Good understanding of DB schema design; performance tuning and capacity planning
    • Operational experience with MongoDB Data Modeling
    • In-depth understanding of MongoDB HA strategies; including replica sets and sharding
    • Design & implement sharding and indexing strategies for MongoDB
    • Implement and maintain MMS (MongoDB Management Services)
    • Administer MongoDB to achieve 100% availability
    • Helping customers with difficult performance and data modeling problems
    • Understand and Optimize query performance
    • Excellent understanding of MongoDB CRUD operations
    • Configure and monitor MongoDB instances
    • Configuring MongoDB replica set with members and arbiter
    • Managing MongoDB Oplog and journals
    • Configure; manage and troubleshoot MongoDB Sharded cluster
    • Troubleshoot any problems that may come up with the database environments: performance issues; replication issues; or operational issues.
    • Establish and maintain backup; restore and recovery processes.
    • Implement and maintain MongoDB OPS Manager/Cloud Manager
    • Design and implement HA/DR policies
    • Comfortable in using MongoDB tools like; mongostat; mongotop; mongo export; mongoimport; mongodump; mongorestore etc.
    • Database Security management and User Management
    • Skilled in performance tuning and optimization; using native monitoring and troubleshooting tools
    • Knowledge of Linux system administration skills
    • Monitor and tune performance of MongoDB Databases.
    • Evidence collection in support of audit deliverables
    • Produce internal artifacts related to MongoDB deployment best practices (in docs/PDF)
iconMust Have Skills
  • Mongo DB
  • Administration
  • DBA
  • Oplog
  • Performance Tuning
  • MongoDB
Minimum Education Level
Bachelors or Equivalent
Years of Experience
5-10 years
Work Type: Full Time
Location: Bangalore, Karnataka, India
Job ID: Tescra-Tes-6F4CF8