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Welcome to The Hermitage Rehab, the best luxury rehabilitation center located in the heart of Amritsar, India. Being the best rehab center in India, we are known for offering people seeking recovery from mental health and addiction illnesses unmatched attention and support. At The Hermitage Rehab, we take great pleasure in providing a calm and opulent setting where people can start their journeys toward recovery and change. Our cutting-edge amenities are made to encourage peace and relaxation, making every resident feel at home for the duration of their stay. Together with excellent psychologists committed to creating individualized treatment plans that are catered to each patient's specific needs, our team of professionals includes the best psychiatrist in Amritsar and Punjab. Our multidisciplinary team is dedicated to assisting our residents in achieving long-term rehabilitation and emotional well-being and has years of experience and knowledge in this area. Whether you are experiencing anxiety, despair, addiction, or any other mental health problem, The Hermitage Rehab provides all-encompassing, all-inclusive treatment plans that deal with the underlying causes of your illness. We offer a comprehensive approach to mending mind, body, and spirit, ranging from holistic modalities and experiential activities to evidence-based therapies. Selecting The Hermitage recovery means deciding on a route to a better, healthier future rather than just a recovery facility.


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