Hire credible employees, reduce attrition rate, and manage workforce - ACHNET

Use AI to connect with the best candidates for your jobs.

Discover incredible talent, and hire the right fit for your job roles with ACHNET’s powerful AI. Access world-class coaches to nurture your workforce and keep them aligned with business goals.

Reduce hiring time and improve talent management

ACHNET’s AI scans the Power Bios of job applicants and matches the best fit for the job helping you connect with them directly and reduce hiring time significantly. Provide training and development opportunities with the right coaches and improve productivity of your workforce. See how ACHNET achieves this for your business.

Simplify Hiring with AI

Leverage ACHNET’s AI to discover exceptionally talented professionals who match your job roles.
Reduce attrition rate and financial liabilities of hiring the wrong candidates.
Expedite the hiring process while not compromising on the quality of your hires.
Simplify the process of hiring employees - ACHNET

Use  Technical Assessments  to hire the best

Simplify the process of hiring employees - ACHNET
Provide all job applicants an equal and unbiased screening process.
Simplify the process of hiring employees - ACHNET
Generate questions with the help of ACHNET's AI on a diverse pool of subjects.
Simplify the process of hiring employees - ACHNET
Build a team of the best-qualified candidates through fair assessments that test all facets of the roles.
Simplify the process of hiring employees - ACHNET
Curate our technical assessments to gauge on-the-job skills of job applicants.

Simplify Talent Management Process

Make talent management process simple - ACHNET
Manage job applications, identify the best suited from a pool of applicants, and shortlist candidates.
Help your workforce develop and nurture their talent with the help of the right coaching.
Keep your teams visible and organized, enhance employee engagement and performance acceleration.
Streamline talent management
Make talent management process simple - ACHNET

Drive Workforce Productivity  by nurturing talent

Access coaches who provide business coaching, career development, and leadership coaching for your workforce.
Understand employees' strengths and weaknesses and provide appropriate training programs.
Improve employee retention and ensure long-term success of your business.
Enhance training and development through business coaching - ACHNET

Make  Communication and Collaboration  simple

Make team management simple - ACHNET
Centralize team management, discussions, file sharing, and other team related work with business teams.
Manage important documents and information you share between your team with Business Vault.
Message your team or members of your team instantly with business messaging and streamline communication.

Bring Visibility  to your Business

Bring visibility to your business and team - ACHNET
Give a description of your business, products, services and offerings on a dedicated business page.
Showcase your business’s specializations and let everyone know what you’re good at.
Show off the amazing team you work with to the world.
Elevate your visibility

See what Businesses have to say about ACHNET

"ACHNET offers a variety of tools to elevate each an every team member’s personal brand, giving them pride in their work and empowering them to thrive in their place within a wider ecosystem. I love to invest in my employees and ACHNET is my best investment yet. They’ve helped me create a culture of learning, boost my team’s engagement, and attract the top talent I need to keep growing. My hiring just got that much easier."

Blake - SVP, operations
SVP, Operations

Frequently Asked Questions

Is ACHNET suitable for businesses of all sizes?
Yes. ACHNET is suitable for businesses of any size, be it a firm, small business, mid-sized company or large business.
Can ACHNET help streamline communication and collaboration among teams?
Most certainly! ACHNET makes collaboration among team members simple. Business Teams allows you to centralize team management process within departments, discussions, file sharing, and other team related work. You can also use our instant messaging service to quickly communicate with members in your team.
Can ACHNET assist with talent retention strategies?
Yes, ACHNET helps businesses develop and implement effective talent retention strategies, such as career development opportunities, mentorship programs, and recognition initiatives. With a wide range of certified coaches on the ACHNET platform, businesses can help their workforce gain access to many coaching disciplines including

  • Team/ Group coaching
  • Talent development coaching
  • Transition coaching
  • Work-life balance coaching

This promotes better employee relationships and retention.
What are the benefits of using ACHNET's technical assessments in the hiring process?
ACHNET's technical assessments ensure a fair and unbiased screening process for all applicants, leading to quality and role-specific hires. Employers can curate assessments tailored to gauge on-the-job skills, helping build a team of the best-qualified candidates.
Can ACHNET help in sourcing candidates from diverse backgrounds?
Yes, ACHNET is designed to promote diversity and inclusion by identifying candidates from diverse backgrounds and skill sets, thereby fostering a more inclusive workplace culture.
How does ACHNET handle customer support requests or inquiries?
Get in touch with us at  support@achnet.com. We are happy to help you.