Make Connections with experts in your career

Expand your job network – ACHNET
Expand your job network – ACHNET

Expand Your Professional Network

Power Connect helps you increase recognition and visibility in your field. Improve collaboration and foster partnerships with experts.
Identify and add connections who align with your interests, expertise, and career goals to your network.
Exchange knowledge, ideas, and industry insights with your connections.
Be informed about emerging trends, best practices, and innovations in your industry.
Invite and connect with peers and colleagues - ACHNET

Uncover opportunities with AI

Harness the capabilities of AI and get invaluable insights into your connections' specialties, skills, educational backgrounds, and career milestones.
Power Connect uses AI to pull up commonalities between your connections and help you uncover opportunities for growth and advancement in your career.
Know what areas your peers are good at and collaborate with them to improve your skillset
Use AI to get insights - ACHNET
Use AI to get insights - ACHNET

Gauge the growth of your professional network

With Power Connect, you can get to know how far ahead you have reached in your professional journey from when you started out.
See how your professional network grows - ACHNET
Get insightful graphs that depict how much your connections have grown over time.
See how your professional network grows - ACHNET
Use the data to evaluate the rate at which you are progressing and how long it will take to attain your goals.

Collaborate with coaches

Don’t stop with peers and colleagues. You can also connect with coaches who offer valuable guidance, supporting you along both your personal and professional paths.
Connect and collaborate with coaches for career guidance - ACHNET

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I use Power Connect to connect with experts in my industry?
Connecting with people relevant to your network is easy with Power Connect. Just type in their email ID and send an invite over mail. Once they accept your invite, they will be added as a connection to your network.
What are the insights I can get from Power Connect about my network?
Power Connect offers valuable insights into your network, including where your connections are based, their jobs, common skills and expertise, top skills and tools used by your peers, and graphs depicting their growth over time. These features help you gauge your progress in strengthening your professional and career network.
Does Power Connect help me connect with coaches?
Yes indeed! Your connections are not limited to your colleagues and peers. With Power Connect, you can connect with certified coaches of any discipline and collaborate with them.
Can I add privacy settings to my Power Connect?
You can customize privacy settings to control who can send you connection requests and limit the visibility of your profile information. This includes specifying how much of your profile your connections can see and access, giving you greater control over your online presence.
What are some of the other settings that Power Connect allows?
Power Connect allows you to select your preferred language, receive connection suggestions and following recommendations based on number of mutual connections, and easily download your information to be sent to an email address of your choice.