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Build your profile  effortlessly with AI

Leverage ACHNET’s AI to match your profile with the best job opportunities out there.
Build your profile with AI - ACHNET
ACHNET’s AI automatically extracts data from your resume and builds your profile in no time.
ACHNET showcases all important information like:
Work Experience
Your Education
Projects and Certifications
Skills and Tools
Awards and Achievements
Help recruiters get a detailed understanding of your qualifications to see how well you fit their job roles and land interviews for your dream job.
Improve credibility through recommendations
Show credibility to jobs with recommendations - ACHNET
Build trust and authenticity through video testimonials and recommendations and land your dream job
Send an invite to colleagues or peers and ask them to provide commendations.
Video testimonials are authentic and engaging, showing a real person talking in detail about your work.
They provide social proof and help recruiters build trust.
Create a video resume
Visually demonstrate your skills and engage with employers. Showcase creativity, and create an emotional impact on your future employers.
Show credibility to jobs with recommendations - ACHNET
Highlight your personality and convey skills that are not otherwise visible in written resumes with ACHNET’s video resume.
Upload, or directly record a video resume on ACHNET and attach it to your profile to display recorded information about yourself to recruiters.
Frequently Asked Questions
What is ACHNET's Power Bio and how can it benefit me?
ACHNET's Power Bio is a digital profile that allows you to showcase your skills and achievements. It helps you present yourself effectively to potential recruiters, bringing you closer to career success.
How does ACHNET utilize AI to assist in profile building?
ACHNET's AI automatically extracts data from your resume, making it effortless to build your profile. It captures essential information such as education, work experience, projects, certifications, awards, skills, specializations, and auto-fills your profile in no time.
How do I add a video resume to my profile?
Adding a video resume on ACHNET is simple. Simply click on 'Add Video Resume' under Resume Actions in the Resume module. You can either record a video resume directly or choose a pre-recorded video from your device to upload and display on your profile.
What are the advantages of creating a video resume with ACHNET?
A video resume enables you to visually demonstrate your skills, personality, and creativity to potential employers. It allows you to make an emotional impact and showcase aspects of yourself that may not be evident in traditional written resumes. With ACHNET, you can easily upload or record a video resume to complement your profile.
Why are recommendations important, and how does ACHNET facilitate them?
Recommendations play a crucial role in establishing credibility with potential employers. ACHNET allows you to gather and display recommendations from colleagues or peers, enhancing trust and authenticity. Additionally, video testimonials provide engaging social proof, offering recruiters a deeper understanding of your capabilities.
Can I edit or update my profile after creating it?
Yes, ACHNET gives you the flexibility to edit and update any section of your profile at any time.