"Success is not final; failure is not fatal: It is the courage to continue that counts." - Winston S. Churchill
1. What is the ACHNET Ambassador Program?
A. ACHNET Ambassador Program aims to build leaders of tomorrow. It’s an innovative platform with the motive of helping individuals across country in getting the best of the counseling services from internationally certified counselors. You will be the face of our brand and represent us in the best possible way in your circle. During this program as you represent ACHNET, you will learn various leadership and core skills required in the industry along with other essential skills such as Marketing, Communicating and Negotiating.
2. What will I do as an ACHNET Ambassador?
A. As an ACHNET Ambassador, your roles and responsibilities will include:
  • Promoting ACHNET in your circle
  • Inform peers about the latest offers provided on our platform
  • Encourage peers and colleagues to Register on our platform
  • Help the marketing team organize seminars/workshops
  • Promote ACHNET platform in Youth centric events
  • Promote ACHNET on all your social media handles
  • Make an activity report and provide weekly updates
3. What is a successful registration?
A. Successful registration is when a user has signed up and paid for one of the services availed or become a prime member by making payment.
4. Is there any application cost?
A. No, it is absolutely free.
5. What kind of incentives can I expect for being an ambassador?
A. Incentives like Goodies, Cash awards, Certificate of participation, Job referrals, internship opportunities and other exciting rewards on satisfactory completion of the program.
6. When are the incentives effective – On signing up of a new user or payment made for the services available?
A. Ambassadors will be paid the incentives when their referee has availed a paid service or have become a prime member.
7. How much can I earn and how will I get paid? Will I receive the payment through bank transfer, cheque, cash, etc?
A. Earnings depend on the number of registrations made by you, so the more you bring in registrations, the more is the pay. You will be provided with a unique ambassador code through which we can track the number of registrations made by you and then accordingly you will receive the respective payment through bank transfer. You have to share your bank details for the same.
8. What if someone forgets to input the ambassador code while registering?
A. The payment is linked to the number of registrations made by the unique ambassador code given to you, so you need to let your friends know that they should be entering the unique code while signing up on the platform.
9. Will I be eligible for any discount if I want to avail the services provided by ACHNET?
A. Yes. As an ambassador, you will receive a discount of 5% when you enroll for the services.
10. What is the duration of the ACHNET Ambassador Program?
A. It is a rolling program that we will renew every 3 months. You can be part of the program as long as you make active contributions towards the assigned work.
11. How many hours a week do I need to devote for the ACHNET Ambassador Program?
A. We would like you to spend around 4-5 hours a week for the program. But again the control of time is in your hand, it depends on how much time you require to do the allotted/assigned work.
12. Do I have to travel anywhere for ACHNET Ambassador Program?
A. No, you don’t have to travel anywhere as part of the program. All the task and activities are to be performed in nearby colleges, student hub spots or in youth centric events/workshops.
13. Will it add any value to my resume?
A. Yes. It will be a very relevant talking point, since the roles and responsibilities of an ambassador explains that you are outgoing, has extraordinary interpersonal skills and persuasion skills. It also helps you learn more about various marketing and sales tactics, techniques that will improves your communication skills and helps you face the corporate world with a better understanding.
14. Can I make any changes/edits in the application?
A. No, you cannot make any changes in the application form once filled, so fill it carefully. But don’t worry, you can make changes to your personal details once you are selected.
15. Can I fill the application form multiple times?
A. No, you can only fill the form once. So, kindly fill the same carefully.
16. What are you looking for in an Ambassador Program?
A. We are looking for dynamic candidates who can contribute innovative ideas in spreading the brand awareness, have the passion to learn and are willing to commit to this program and shine through.
17. What does the application process involve? Do you have any tips?
  •       A. Sign up with our platform - ACHNET
  •       B. After successful sign up, fill up the application form for the ambassador program.
  •       C. If your application is shortlisted, you will receive a mail about the date and time of your telephonic interview process.
  •       D. Once you are done with the interview process, wait for the final mail for your selection.
18. Are there any regular meetings to help? If so, how do I attend these meetings?
A. There will be virtual meetings held every weekend on Skype. You need to make sure you attend that.
19. I have filled the application form, what are the next steps?
A. Congratulations on filling your ACHNET ambassador program application form; you will be notified about the next steps via email. All the best.
20. How is ACHNET ambassador program different from any other ambassador programs?
A. ACHNET is one of its kind. Here we promise to give you the best experience as an ambassador, working closely with the professionals which will help you learn more about the market.
21. I have more questions regarding the ACHNET Ambassador Program which are not answered here, what do I do for that?
A. Email us your queries at We will be happy to assist you. Please note that the time required in replying back to your email may take 48 to 72 hrs.