At our Melbourne innovation consulting services, we teach, train and coach your people and teams to step over their business as usual thresholds and open them up to a new world of conscious, creative, and commercial possibilities.


These power your organization forward with practical, actionable strategies and embeds thought leading innovation practices and habits, within an adaptive and innovative organizational culture.

Growing your business to the next level, and competing successfully in a fast-changing market, requires you to be agile, adapt, evolve, connect, and innovate.


Our innovation consulting & coaching services include a network of smart, unconventional, and expert people who help you unleash the breakthrough mindsets, develop the behaviours and skills and reap the benefits of an organizational culture that changes, adapts, innovates and thrives in today’s digital and globally competitive world.


Group and Team



Business & Executive


Janet Sernack presents hybrid business and coaching online learning programs – The International Coach Federation (ICF) Continuing Coach Education (CCE) Coach for Innovators Certified Program – The Agile Innovator. Teaches, trains, and coaches people and teams to step over their business as usual thresholds and open them up to a new world of conscious, creative, and commercial possibilities.

 The Coach for Innovators Certifed Program is designed to apply emergence, creativity, design thinking, scrum, agile, and start-up methodologies to innovation leadership in life and work. By distinguishing between creativity, invention, and innovation, and by developing the mindsets, behaviours, and skills of adaptive, creative, and inventive innovators, participants realize real business opportunities and solve real-life problems – in ways that are valued by people and customers. 

This game-changing, thought-leading, innovation, blended, and group learning program is designed to foster deep learning and develop people’s elastic thinking capability and their emotional agility, to adapt, innovate and flow through a disruptive VUCA world.

Which are required to embed innovation, entrepreneurship, and intrapreneurship, in a business or in an organization by:


  • Developing the desired intrinsic motivators, emotional agility, innovation mindsets, and behaviours.
  • Applying and integrating “on the job” learning, critical and creative thinking, and complex problem-solving skills.
  • Facilitating trust, permission, and safety, to provide the support and structure to reduce risk adversity, increase presence, collaboration, experimentation, creativity, inventiveness, and innovation.


"“If you want to get transformed and refocus to prioritize, Janet is the One, The Best One. I am a better person, and hopefully a better leader because of the powerful and highly impactful coaching I received from Janet. She helped me prioritize what was important in this phase of my career. She introduced me to the concepts of setting the rules and making the space for positive experiences in my leadership position. As a coach, I had all the connection and trust from my first dialogue and I could download my fears and challenges. She guided me all through these and to stay focused on the strengths instead of the difficulties. It was simply so meaningful and easy to open up to talk to someone from the outside, for both the perspective and encouragement. Janet’s simple yet powerful questions, her insights, her experience, and her gentle prodding helped me to avoid some potentially sticky situations. I am now able to focus on what I do best. I have been better able to look at problems in different ways, thus finding very meaningful solutions. She helped to make my transition seamless and turned me into a more holistic person. I found my Guru and will always fall back on her best advice”.
Faisal Al Quran Senior Consultant TIPCONS - UAE