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I'm a professionally certified leadership coach specialising in career progression and leadership development.


Specifically, I support you to:
* get unstuck (in your personal/professional life)
* increase career satisfaction and fulfillment
* clarify needs & goals
* resolve complex communication and relationship issues
* tactical skills building and emotional intelligence
* improving state of mind/mindset
* enhance wellbeing and emotional regulation




I’ve led teams - functional and cross-functional - and experienced my own fair share of challenges!


I learned how important it is to develop leadership skills - hoping for the best wasn’t enough. It was my state of mind that changed everything. As a result, I was able to create a workplace where my team members thrived and adapted well to change.


After many years in business, communications, and education roles, I know that when people are happy and fulfilled at work, everybody wins. I've created my own business in New Zealand, helping business owners in the tech sector to invest in their own leadership development. Whilst building a culture that supports their people to be at their best at home and at work.


I partner with my clients and support them alongside their teams. Together we focus on overcoming challenges, developing vital soft skills, and creating a winning mindset.


The result? More clear, confident and capable leadership and a happier and more productive team every time!



My coaching approach focuses on Mindset and EQ. Your state of mind is the #1 differentiator in performance and well-being. The way you interact and communicate with others is fundamental to success in all areas of your life. My sessions provide you with clarity, focus, and accountability. I believe these three components are essential in order to make progress in both your personal and professional life.


I specialise in a strengths-based coaching approach grounded in positive psychology, emotional intelligence and neuroscience. My coaching approach is based on a strong partnership - where I support you through the process of coaching to gain more awareness and clarity in order to make the choices and take the actions that are most impactful for you.


I love working with individuals that have a growth mindset! If you want to become a better version of yourself, I can get you there. If you're just ticking boxes to keep the boss happy, then perhaps I'm not the coach for you.


I create a safe, non-judgemental space for you to fully express yourself and feel heard. My coaching is style is relaxed and curious, empowering you to discover what is positive and possible.


Coaching style:

Curious, Empowering, Challenging, Empathetic.


Last book read:

Conscious Business by Fred Kofman


Proudest accomplishment:

This is a hard one to answer!  I'm constantly setting goals and achieving them.  Every milestone is an accomplishment and my biggest challenge is to stop and savor the wins (rather than running ahead towards the next goal!).





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Leadership Coaching


""Loved being coached by Sha through her leading change course. The course has been beneficial for growth within my industry and personally. Highly recommend Emerge and Transform Coaching."
- Richard Turner (New Zealand)

"Sha is an amazing coach to work with. She is professional and yet very personable at the same time. With her active listening skills, excellent motivational technique, Sha was to steer me towards what I really needed in the short term. I was able to work on some of my goals in such a short space of time."
- Shanthi Krishnasamy (Malaysia)

"If you're looking for a coach, or you're feeling 'stuck' in some way, I would highly recommend Sha. She relaxed, friendly, and down to earth making her very easy to talk to. I instantly forget she's a professional coach because the conversation is so natural and not at all formulaic. She's a highly skilled listener and asks the most amazing questions that really get me thinking."
- Anna Larras (France)

"Going through the process of looking and applying for jobs doesn't feel so daunting. I feel happy in my current job, even though I'm ready for a change, whenever this will be. I have found the coaching sessions with you have made me think a lot clearer, and really go after what I want."
- Alice, Registered Nurse"