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NuSkillz, the best career counselling and Guidance centre in Bangalore was established in the year 2009, to provide growth solutions to all kind of career confusions among students, Fresh Graduates and working professionals. Our comprehensive approach towards understanding the inner self of our clients with empathy, complete analysis, and full-fledged solution makes us a league apart. Our Career Guidance is invaluable for those who like to make an informed career decision and avoid career disasters later in their life.


We are one of the best Career Counselling and Guidance Centre in Koramangala, Bangalore, helping students, fresh graduates and working professionals thoughtfully navigate the world of careers and streams and helping them to make the right choices on their right stream after 10th / PUC & Career Selection after graduation. We have been providing guidance and support needed for aspiring students and working professionals by helping them to choose rewarding careers with the highest standard AI-enabled comprehensive psychometric Career Assesment tests and with face to face Counselling with the student. We also do Online Counselling if you cant come to our Centre.


The main aim of NuSkillz Counselling Centre, Koramangala, Bangalore, is to help candidates choose a field which is in tune with their skills and abilities they possess and their job expectations. The assessments highlight their interests and outline their strengths and weakness, in turn, helping them discover their true potential and interests guiding them to their desired career path. We believe in helping the students keep the right mental attitude and suggest smart personalized counselling techniques for career growth based on personality type, career values, and interests.

The individual can succeed only if he /she follows the path as per their true potential /interest. NuSkillz assists the students /graduates in providing the right advice on a career at the right time. The tool used also is a new age (A I) one which will help in bringing out the inner strengths /areas of interest from the candidates.  

We have as many as 150+ career paths, 3000+ occupations for the students. Through scientifically conducted online profiling, a student gets to explore innumerable career option based on his aptitude and interest.

A detailed roadmap in place followed by a proper interpretation by a trained career counsellor would do away with the common cluelessness of the students.   Every student has set a goal to achieve in his life, and every parent and teacher has dreamed about their children, Students. We will incubate their dreams and make them get ready for the Future.  




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