@ YO! (Young Ovation) we help people build successful, satisfying careers.


Why? We spend about 1/3 of our life time at work! And our work has a huge impact on the overall quality of our life. Hence, we better live it well!

At YO! we believe that when our careers are an expression of who we are, we not only thrive in them but also contribute enormously to our communities though our work. We help individuals and groups find their innate talents and convert them to Strength at work. This mission has touched over 2300 individuals in the last two yearAs. YO!'s “Know Your Self” program helps individuals discover their innate talents and build them on to strengths and the “Career Design Program” helps individuals map their career blue print and align their talents and interests skillfully in their careers. We help students, employees and entrepreneurs discover and bring their talents and strengths to work well for them, every single day! She finds it fulfilling to Mentor students in making purpose-filled Careers Choices and and conducts “Power in Communication” workshop at campuses to help them succeed in their careers.

YO’s mission: Support ONE Million people in living a life of Passion and Purpose at work by 2030.




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