10 Step Strategy Used by Achievers For Successful Work-Life Balance

By ACHNET Inc | May 15, 2020
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Working from home can be comfortable with its own set of benefits. However, many professionals accustomed to the corporate work culture are finding remote work challenging. ACHNET’s Achievers Community is following this easy 10-step strategy to successfully work from home, power boost their productivity, and enjoy healthy work-life balance within 14 days.

Here is the easy 10-step strategy from our Achievers that can help you successfully work from home and enjoy healthy work-life equilibrium within 14 days.

Step#1 - Create Your Workspace

Create a workspace dedicated to your professional activity. While this might sound simple, your work ambiance can have a great impact on your performance. Setting the right workspace helps boost your performance by minimizing any distractions, enhances your focus, and increases your productivity. It is also important to consciously set yourself at work by freeing your mind of any mental distractions.

Step #2 - Set Achievable Goals

Increased workload can often leave you stressed. Setting realistic goals prevents you from the stress of overworking and ensures you have time for your personal life. Break down your larger targets into smaller achievable goals and work on them accordingly. It is always a good idea to deliver quality over quantity. Let your seniors know that you are concerned about the quality of your work, which requires time to complete.

Step #3 - Follow Effective Time Management

Handling numerous tasks could often be confusing and stressful. Establishing priorities at both office and personal work can help maintain your work-life stability. Make a planner for the projects that needs immediate attention and share it with your team members. This helps optimize your time and complete the important tasks first.

Step #4 - Identify Your Peaks and Troughs

Every individual is different and most productive at different periods. While some might be most productive around the morning, others might have a peak production levels during the evenings. Discover your optimal productivity period and schedule your priority task within that period. Starting with a task that you are less productive can consume more time and drain your energy level. Instead, consider paying attention to the work you are most productive at. This way, you will be able to complete the task quickly and have more time to focus on completing the remaining work as well.

Step #5 - Maintain Open Channels Of Communication

Maintain transparent communication to ensure there is no misunderstanding. This helps to keep you and your team on the right track, minimizes chances of any errors, and ensures you are working in line with the project requirement.

Step #6 - Foster Relationship With Your Team

Having great teamwork helps boost productivity, successfully achieve targets, and provide job satisfaction, which is essential for healthy work-life stability. Develop a culture of listening, understand your team’s requirements, and build trust. Set achievable goals, share work plans and compliment your team upon achieving targets.

Step #7 - Set Your Boundaries

It is not unusual for employees to work for longer hours. However, make sure to set your boundaries and working hours. Increased work pressure can cause extreme stress, which has been linked to numerous diseases detrimental to health. Determine at what time you would start working and when you would stop. This way, you will have time for your family and ensure a balanced work-life.

Step #8 - Stay Away From Activities That Drain Your Energy

Find out the activities that drain your energy and block them. Over-commitment, conflicting priorities, distraction, poor time management, lack of clear goals, perfectionism, negative thoughts, and over thinking can leave you stressed and exhausted. Try staying away from activities that leave you stressed and exhausted.

Step #9 - Nurture Your Relationships

Relationship with your family, friends, and dear ones is what that ultimately brings satisfaction to your soul. There would be days when you need to put that extra effort at work. However, make sure to equally prioritize your personal life by strengthening your relationships. This would keep you happy and boost your productivity at the job.

Step #10 - Invest Time On Your Health

Your mental, emotional, and physical health plays a vital role in maintaining a healthy work-life balance. Find time to keep yourself fit with activities such as yoga, meditation, or other exercises. Prioritizing your health is critical for your overall well-being. It helps prevent burnout at the workplace, boosts your productivity, increases your confidence, and enables you to develop strong, positive relationship with your family. Make sure to follow a well balanced nutritious diet and have a sound sleep.

Over 45 percent of working professionals on the ACHNET community were able to experience better work-life stability within the first 7 days of following the strategy. For further support, you can always reach out to our verified life coaches on Achiever Network who have been guiding people in striking the right balance between work and life.

It is never too late to bring your life on the right track. Join our successful Achievers or seek the support of our experienced coaching team to make your work from home a great experience for your organization, family, and personal life.