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By Morgan Gertler | Jan 9, 2020
Business & Executive| Achiever Network

Gaining customers is the first step, and a big one at that! But the next step — keeping those customers coming back — is ongoing work. Your customer base can act as your cheering squad as long as you keep them feeling good about your brand. Sure, they might need your products, but there’s a good chance they can get them from a competitor. So, you need to stand out and also stay top of mind.

Why is Customer Loyalty Important?

Once your customers become emotionally attached to your product or service, they know what they want and even more, they feel that they need it. At some point, they even become brand advocates. But this takes time and effort before it becomes a reality.

Loyal customers have habits that help your business, such as:

  • Rarely considering other brands.
  • Requesting your company by name.
  • Recommending your company to other people.
  • Being ready to wait longer and drive farther to get your product or service.
  • Accepting updates more easily.
  • Continuing to pay the premium price.
  • One of the keystone characteristics of loyalty starts with likeability. One of the best ways to get people to like you is to create a mutually beneficial relationship. That’s why getting to know a customer more personally {assigning a personal account manager or customer support agent can help with this} is worth the time and effort.

    1. Provide A Valuable Experience

    Quality experiences are more valuable than money. Think about it: that’s why gifts offering experiences can mean more than buying material items. If you already have a community of loyal customers, consider offering them a special experience vs. another discount or referral bonus. This kind of reward represents gratitude for their loyalty and shows you want to return the favor. This is also a natural and authentic way to get shares on social media.

    2. Build a Community

    Create a community where customers {and potential future customers that they invite} can share useful content and have the opportunity to communicate, discuss, and share opinions + feedback.

    3. The Best Service for The Best Customers

    Feeling special feels good, and that can go a looong way in customer loyalty. Your customers should feel that they are being treated better than