5 Powerful Ways to Build Your Self-Confidence

By Erin Olivo | Jun 17, 2019
Life Coaching| Achiever Network

Confidence is a mindset. It’s a skill that can be learned, and one of the ways to build your self-confidence is by practicing it.

Even the most successful people lack confidence sometimes. My executive coaching work often focuses on helping clients boost their self-confidence. They’ve gotten (and kept) their high level positions because they’re extremely competent. But a lack of confidence is what holds them back, not their ability.

It’s easy to get stuck in a rut at work (or in life) when you’re playing small, and not pushing yourself or taking risks because you lack the confidence. Try these five tips to start building your self-confidence today.

Make a list of your strengths, abilities and accomplishments

Work and life are full of challenges, and sometimes you need to be reminded of your accomplishments and strengths. What is it that got you your job? What skills do you bring to work each and every day?

Make a list now, and don’t forget to include broad competencies like your intelligence and perserverance. Then keep this list handy, whether it’s on your desktop or posted on your bulletin board, so you can be reminded of how talented you are.

Identify your self-defeating inner dialogue

Low self-confidence is often caused by the negative soundtrack in your mind that says you’re not good enough or you’re not ready to take on that project. It’s time to put that inner voice on mute!

For one full day, pay attention to your negative self-talk. Then write down what you caught yourself