5 Step Planner For Your Next Big Interview

By ACHNET Inc | Jul 1, 2020
Career| Achievers Network

You can definitely crack through that big interview with a positive attitude and well thought out plan. ACHNET brings you a 5 Step Planner that can help you prepare best for the interview and face it with more confidence to ensure success.

Further, with the rise in the work from home trend, most companies are now looking for professionals who are capable of working remotely. There is an increase in remote jobs and online hiring than never before. In such cases, how do you make sure to successfully crack through the interview without being physically present at the interview location?

Here is the 5 Step Planner For Your Next Big Interview suggested by Internationally certified career coaching team on ACHNET.

1. Make A Great First Impression

Your first impression in the job interview is critical for your selection. Make sure you make it the best. Here are some valuable tips to make a great first impression in your online video interview

  • • Study your resume well and be prepared to describe about your roles and responsibilities to your interviewer.
  • • Dress professionally in formals as you would in a face-to-face interview
  • • Create a pleasant quiet ambiance with good lighting, background, and free from any interruptions.
  • • Test your equipment beforehand to ensure you have an uninterrupted video interview. Check for a stable internet connection, your computer’s webcam, and speaker.
  • • Turn on your computer and be present for the video interview earlier than your interviewer.
  • • Use your earphone during the interview process. Greet your interviewer with a gentle smile. Speak with clarity, maintain a positive body language, and be yourself
  • • Give a brief description of your working experience highlighting your expertise and accomplishments and display your soft skills.
  • • Keep your answers relevant and to the point

2. Research Well About The Company

Make sure that you conduct in-depth research about the company. Knowing more about the company would help you understand and analyze how your