5 Ways To Maintain A Positive Mindset (No Matter What Challenge You're Facing)

By Nicolas Cole | Jun 18, 2020
Life Coaching| Achiever Network

When it comes to building something of value -- whether that's a business, a joint venture, a brand, or even yourself as an individual -- the most important thing to remember is that "challenge" is part of the process.

All too often, people seek the easy road, as if that's the path they would prefer to travel. The truth is, it's not. You don't learn anything when the wind is always at your back. You don't improve your problem-solving skills when there's never a problem to solve.

Instead of looking for ways to avoid obstacles, take a page out of Ryan Holiday's The Obstacle Is The Way.

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1. Someone else has run into this issue before -- and solved it

99.9 percent of the problems out there have existed before you. Chances are, you aren't reinventing the wheel. Whenever you are confronted with a challenge, take a moment and realize that someone else, somewhere, has most likely run into this exact same challenge -- and they've found a way through it.

The best thing you can do is to read. Read and study your craft, your industry, and the problems other people have endured on their own quests forward. Read and learn from their mistakes, and then apply what you've learned to your own unique situation.

2. Nothing is "impossible"

Some might say it is impossible for a human being to breathe underwater. Ok, well what if you wore a snorkel? What if you had an oxygen tank connected to your back? What if you used a submarine?

The solution you're looking for might come in a variety of different forms. Be open to that. There are very, very, very few things that are technically "impossible."

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3. There's always a solution

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