6 Strategies to Recession Proof Your Job and Career

By ACHNET Inc | May 8, 2020
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With recession around, career planning is getting more challenging. While working professionals are struggling to retain their positions, freshers are finding it hard to get their first job. Worried about your professional success? We can help you protect your career. Our Internationally certified career coaches share valuable tips and advice on how to make your career recession-proof.

1. Keep your skills updated

When companies have layoffs in their mind due to financial crisis, employees with poor skill sets are the first on the list. Enhancing and updating your skills gives you an edge over your colleagues and boosts your chances of job retention at the workplace.

2. Understand your manager and company goals

Make sure you are clear about your company goals. Get to know your manager, his working style, and what he is expecting from you. This way you will be able to move forward in the right direction, boost your productivity, and performance.

3. Ensure to keep open channels of communication

Maintaining transparent communication at the workplace steers clear any misunderstandings, ensures you are on the right track, and saves time. Also, make sure to keep your boss informed about your assignments and major completed projects. This helps to highlight your accomplishments and reduce your risk of being laid off.

4. Keep yourself open to new job opportunities

With the market being uncertain, you never know how things might take a turn at your workplace. Therefore, it is always wise to keep yourself open to new job opportunities. Consider creating a stunning visual profile to attract recruiters and increase your chances of getting new job opportunities. Make sure to update your resume from time to time.

5. Maintain a strong professional network

Develop new connections with professionals in your industry and strengthen your professional network. This helps enhance your skills, keep you updated on current market trends, increases your chances of job reference, and boost your career growth.

6. Build your online credibility

Having online credibility reflects your authenticity, highlights your accomplishments, and valuable contribution at the workplace. It takes your professional profile to an all-new level in the job market.

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