8 Tips to Boost Self Confidence

By Saadia Minhas | Jul 29, 2020
Saadia Minhas | ACHNET

Self-confidence is the key to a successful life and it makes me feel positive about everything around myself.

Below are few tips that always help me to boost my self-confidence, and following them in my daily routine makes an obvious difference in the way I see my life.

#1. Positive Self-Talk

“Don’t be a victim of negative self-talk. Remember- you are listening” — Bob Proctor

Before talking to anyone else in the world, human beings talk to themselves. If I am talking negatively to myself, then it becomes very difficult for me to utter positive words in front of others.

Positivity starts from one’s mind. Thinking positively about myself allows me to do the best of everything I do.

I understand that there is nothing more harmful for me than my own negative self-talk, as my body hears my mind.

“Be kind to yourself and do not become your own worst enemy.”

Whenever I want to achieve something in my life, I first ensure myself that I am going to succeed. This positive self-talk boost up my confidence and I can overcome any hurdles coming my way.

#2. Self Acceptance

“To be beautiful means to be yourself. You don’t need to be accepted by others. You need to accept yourself.” — Nhat Hanh

In order to improve, first of all I have to accept myself. This way I feel satisfied and it becomes easier to move ahead in my life.

If I do not accept my good and bad qualities, I continuously feel restless, while remaining in an inferiority complex. Just think how others can accept and like me if I am not liking myself.

“Self-approval and self-acceptance in the now are the main keys to positive changes in every area of our lives.” Louise Hay

#3. Positive Thinking

“Positive thinking will let you do everything better than negative thinking will.” — Zig Ziglar

I try to kill my negative thoughts and start filling my mind with positivity.

To do so, whenever I encounter a negative thought in my mind, I replace it with a positive one immediately. I know if I keep on thinking negative things, it will occupy my mind in no time.

I feel good when I throw away all fears from my mind. I think about the limitless opportunities in my life. Instead of worrying about things that are missing in my life, I put my focus on countless blessings that I am enjoying daily.

“You can, you should, and if you’re brave enough to start, you will.”― Stephen King

#4. Self Affirmation

“People can boost their ability to solve problems under pressure by using self-affirmation.” — David Creswell

It is very important to stay motivated. Positive affirmations help me to do so. I affirm myself continuously.

I keep a list of affirmations with me and go through it daily.

“It is also recommended to do affirmations first thing in the morning and last thing at night.”

There are a lot of inspirational blogs available on internet. I am following many of them and go through them regularly. This has made a very positive impact on my life.

#5. Creative Visualization

“If you want to reach a goal, you must ‘see the reaching’ in your own mind before you actually arrive at your goal.” — Zig Ziglar

I believe that I am going to be the person I think I am. That’s why I visualize myself succeeding in my life. The power of visualization can change my life completely.

If I picture myself achieving my goals, I will definitely do that. And if I can’t picture of my success, the chances are I won’t.

“To accomplish great things we must first dream, then visualize, then plan… believe… act!” — Alfred A. Montapert

#6. Success Celebrations

“Celebrate your victories. Each and every one. Every step forward is important, no matter how small.”— Nicole Addison

I use to celebrate my personal victories because no one else understands what it took to accomplish them.

I reward myself when I achieve success. I may go out for lunch, arrange a trip with my family or buy flowers. Celebrating my own victories improves my confidence level.

I encourage and reward myself in case no one else does.

“Don’t wait until you reach your goal to be proud of yourself. Be proud of yourself every step of the way.” — Unknown

#7. Persistence

“Ambition is the path to success. Persistence is the vehicle you arrive in.” — Bill Bradley

It is my belief that success in life requires to be persistent to achieve my goals. It is important for me to stay motivated along with my journey.

I don’t want to stuck in one place, neither give up in the middle of my struggles.

“Whenever you want to achieve something, plan it, start working on it and make sure to complete it.”

Persistence is much related to self-confidence. My self-confidence helps me to believe that I can accomplish my goals.

“No great achievement is possible without persistent work.” ~ Bertrand Russell

#8. Self Comparison

“Don’t compare yourself to others. You have no idea what their journey is all about.” — Regina Brett

The comparison makes my blessings less valued. I start forgetting my blessings while comparing myself to others.

I remind myself that there are always two sides of a thing. One is visible, the other is hidden. When I look at someone better than me, I am looking only at their visible side. I have no idea about their entire circumstances.

It is unwise to compare my life with others and feel inferiority complex. This will lose my self-confidence.

Don’t compare yourself to others. Be the best you.

“The only person you should try to be better than is who you were yesterday.” — Unknown

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