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A 4-Step Plan for Surviving Investor Rejection

By Ejiofor Francis | Jun 30, 2020
Business & Executive| Achiever Network

Getting a response like, "Thanks, but no thanks,” or, “This offer's not for me” from investors you've worked to connect with is tough to swallow. Like most entrepreneurs, you’ll be thrown off balance, and perhaps filled with anger, sorrow and sometimes hopelessness, but none of that negates the fact that rejections are great experiences to reflect on.

To me, rejection exists on a typical learning curve. After getting passed over by so many potential investors whom I thought would follow my business ideas on local tech-based farming, I emerged better and more refined than before. Those experiences revealed so many mistakes I was making unknowingly, from my business plan and personal approach to who I should be meeting with and what the right things were to say. After making necessary adjustments and putting in the work, I finally found someone willing to invest.

With that in mind, here are four quick steps that can help you come out stronger and more successful after the rejections pile up.

1. Heal your inner self.

It's crucial to get over negative feelings before you make any important decisions regarding your business concept. By healing your emotional hurt, you'll gradually escape from feelings of inferiority. In fact, this healing process will not only encourage you, but also help to build up your lost confidence.

2. Discover why and what.

Discovering why and what could have contributed to these multiple rejections is another smart