Exploring the Transformative Power of Listening

By Phyllis Mufson | Mar 22, 2021
Phyllis Mufson | ACHNET

Listening heals, listening connects, listening attracts. Listening is a foundation skill for deepening any relationship. It’s relatively easy to read or take a class on listening skills and understand how to listen without judgment, yet it’s difficult to practice consistently.

On October 19th I’ll be presenting on “Transformative Listening” in Sarasota. (information below). To prepare I read many articles and viewed talks and found the following presentations on profound listening. I want to share them with you. Each comes from a different, and, I think inspiring, perspective.

“The Power of Listening.” A TEDx video with William Ury, founder of the Harvard Program on Negotiation, co-author of “Getting to Yes”, and with ex-president Jimmy Carter, founder of the International Negotiation Network. Ury gives how-to’s and shares a dramatic example from his own experience listening to the president of Venezuela.

“Tell Me More: On the fine art of listening.” A beautiful article by Brenda Ueland, best known for her book “If You Want To