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Financial Advisor Shares The 20 Best Financial Tips He Wishes He Could Tell His 20-Year-Old Self

By Robert Pagliarini | Sep 16, 2019
Robert Pagliarini | ACHNET

Most of my financial planning clients are business owners, older folks who want to focus on retirement planning, or sudden wealth recipients (think inheritance, lawsuit settlement, business sale, etc.). I’ve been working with clients for over 20 years, so many of my clients now have kids of their own that I also advise. These younger clients – Millennials for the most part – often have similar financial questions and concerns. They are worried about student loan debt, finding a good job, and creating financial success. I enjoy these conversations and they have caused me to think back to when I was younger.

What are a few of the things I wish I knew then? I’ve come up with a list. It’s not exhaustive, but I think it highlights many of the more important ideas that would have been critical for me to know when I was younger, and are equally as relevant today for Millennials (and really anybody who wants to improve their finances and life).

In no particular order, here are 20 things I wish I could tell my 20-year-old self...

1.Take bigger risks. You are playing it too safe. You are worried about little things and worried about failing when you shouldn’t. The time to learn to walk is when you are young and short. If