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Healthy eating habits for 9 to 5 working professionals

By Vartika Kashyap | Jul 15, 2020
 Vartika Kashyap | ACHNET

Do you feel energy-deprived for most part of the day? Does your day begins with restlessness and ends with fatigue? If your answer to these questions is yes then it’s high time to take an action.

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A big reason behind restlessness, fatigue and irritability throughout the day is a poor diet intake. Due to a busy routine, most of the working professionals neglect the importance of a healthy diet plan. A usual busy day begins without a breakfast followed by an unhealthy lunch which keeps the energy levels on toss. Our diet includes less of fruits, green leafy vegetables, milk and more of carbs, sugars and lower-energy giving foods.

As a result of this, we have poor energy levels and feel tired even at the beginning of the day. Poor eating habits not just lead to lower energy levels but also invite diseases to our body. Slowly as age advances, people tend to lose enthusiasm towards their work leading to low productivity and poor results.

But the point is that we can’t afford to lose our health to diseases and poor eating habits. We can’t compromise on our work schedule and deliver poor performance. Another surprising part is that despite knowing about the ill consequences of poor eating habits, we are too busy to make a change.

But if you are willing to change and looking for ways to boost productivity at work then here’s the first step for you. Changing your eating patterns can change the game for you. Here are some easy-to-follow eating habits for busy professionals which will help you maintain the energy levels from 9 am to 5 pm.

Never, Ever Skip Breakfast

Undoubtedly, morning is the busiest time of the day as you are struggling with your sleep and daily routines to make it to the office on time. And this is the main reason many people miss out their breakfast.

But breakfast is crucial for a bright beginning of the day. The word itself says break the fast and if you don’t, be ready to face an energy crisis. A healthy breakfast comprising of complex carbohydrates like cereals, fruits, vegetables, high-fiber like whole grain cereals and breads, ground flax and chia and protein rich foods like nuts, seeds, organic cow’s milk and yogurt can help you to start your day right. It will keep you energized and ready for work.

So, make sure you intake a healthy breakfast before you leave for office tomorrow.

Keep a Water Bottle Along

Drinking at least eight glasses of water in a day helps to keep hunger levels down, energy levels high, and digestion levels intact. Water intake helps to keep diseases and infections at bay.

But make sure you