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How Entrepreneurs Can Manage Their Health Like They're Managing a Fortune 500 Company

By Julian Hayes II | Jul 19, 2019
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The principles of building a billion dollar company or body are the same.

When it comes to a club that many entrepreneurs dream of joining, it's getting into the Fortune 500.

If you look at all of the Fortune 500 companies, you'll notice that they share similar characteristics -- adaptability, long-term focus, people-centric, clear communication, continuous growth and, last but not least, a clear vision.

Reviewing a handful of Fortune 500 companies, I noticed the similarities needed to succeed in the business arena were the same principles necessary to succeed with your health. I consult with a lot of entrepreneurs who don't have the energy they want or are looking to lose those stubborn pounds so they can perform better.

As I remind them, to succeed long term with their health requires the same principles that were used to build their business up. In essence, they should treat their body like a Fortune 500 company. In a business, generating profit is a necessity -- money is a businesses oxygen. Knowing this, one of the first things a business does is create a targeted marketing campaign to sell their products and services.

It's no different with your health. Here are the three steps to get started building your billion dollar body (and company).

1. Craft strategies based on your intended result.

n business, you want to increase revenue. Therefore, deciding on a target audience with specific ways of communicating to them is the first step in line. A business may pick two marketing channels such as email and Facebook to stay consistent with.

With your health, perhaps your goal is to lose 20 pounds, have more energy, and perform better. You know your target, but what are the vehicles (i.e. marketing channels) to get you there. To keep things simple for the time being, focus on the core four factors:

  • Committing to a consistent exercise regimen
  • Getting the proper amount of rest (typically seven to nine hours)
  • Reducing stress by meditation, yoga, or some other method
  • Adopting a healthy eating regimen based on your genetics, personality, goals and
  • ...