How To Hike In Your Career If You Feel Emotional Stuck In the Valley

By Ramona Szenasi | Apr 6, 2020

When you are reading this post, it is most likely that you are struggling with the feeling of being stuck. It may be in your career, you may just feel you need a more exciting life, and you simply need a change. Some people may feel this way about their relationship and life; in general, they just feel that they need to feel alive and to breath in fresh air.

When it seems that you are not moving, you are holding on, or no matter how hard you try to fix things it still doesn’t seem that you can achieve anything meaningful, this is the feeling of being stuck. You are not able to move out of your comfort zone or experience all the things you desire to do you just remain in a state as if you are in a coma for a really long time.

Being stuck can often be depressing you feel worthless, unlovable and even a burden to others you don’t feel motivated. It’s like you are in a deep dark hole with no way out and time just keep passing by. This feeling can be mentally overwhelming, and you feel as if you are losing who you are, at some point some persons may be so stuck that they may start nurturing thoughts of suicide.

As sad as this can be no matter how much you try you cannot gain all the years, months or even days that you have lost a mist this feeling of being stuck. But you can fight to flow back to life by asking yourself why you are feeling stuck. There are so many reasons why people are feeling stuck in life; they don’t know who they are or why thing are not moving in their career. This article would discuss why people are feeling stuck in their lives and their careers.

Why Do People Feel Stuck In their Career?

The reason you are feeling stuck in your career may be because you are not doing the right career for you. That may be what you tell yourself but is that actually the truth? I can relate well to this subject because I felt the same way a year after I started my job. I work in a hospital as a laboratory scientist.

I love my job because it gives me the opportunity to be part of a team that helps people in staying healthy. But after a year I felt really stuck because I was no longer in control of how I spent my time. For me, the job was always a long and stressful 8 to 5 experience not to talk about the weekend shifts. I love travelling spending time with friends and relatives, but with my kind of job, there was barely enough time for myself. I felt sad and stagnant. Every day was a routine, and I felt like giving up.

You may be like me too your job may feel like a boring routine, and this is making you feel so stuck. Well, what helped me to move on was when I asked myself why I loved my job and why are kept on going to the same job I claimed I was tired of. Honestly answering those question opened me up and I realized how much I loved my job. I was truthful to myself. I appreciated the smiles on the faces of patients relatives when they see their family member healthy.

You can ask yourself why you are doing your job and why your job is truly important to you. Your answer would help you stay focus and