How to improve your career prospects during lockdown

By ACHNET Inc | Apr 30, 2020
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Everyone wants to progress in their career, develop and grow professionally, and achieve goals. Many people start planning their career growth from an early stage itself. But life is not always as we want it to be. An unexpected situation can change things and leave a tremendous impact on your career growth. Job retention, layoff fear, job scarcity, canceled promotions, and low payscale are some of the critical factors that working professionals are forced to struggle with. So how do you go ahead and succeed in your professional life during a recession?

When things do not go according to plans, then the key is to restart with a new result-oriented plan based on the prevailing circumstances. Here are 5 golden rules that can help transform your career growth plan into success even during turbulent periods.

Golden Rule #1 - Build a Stunning Visual Profile

Your profile tells your story and you always want to make it the best. Did you know that recruiters are more attracted to visual profiles? Build a stunning visual profile to make yourself stand out from the crowd.

Golden Rule #2 - Build Your Online Credibility

Building online credibility indicates the approval of your skills, expertise, and accomplishments in the workplace. Request commendations from your connections for the work you have done. Let your peers, manager, clients and organization write about your valuable contributions and achieved milestone.

Golden Rule #3 - Strengthen Your Professional Network

Strengthening your professional network helps you find fellow professionals in your industry and stay connected with your peers. It can help you meet prospective mentors and partners, develop and improve skill sets, keep updated on the current job market and latest trends in the industry, and support career development.

Golden Rule #4 - Promote Your Personal Brand

Personal branding is a sure-shot to always stay ahead in the competition. Creating and promoting your personal brand through the social feed can have long-term positive effects on your career growth. It can help enhance your professional profile and increase your chances of finding potential job opportunities.

Golden Rule #5 - Seek The Advice Of a Career Coach

Despite putting the best efforts in planning your career, there are always chances to get off the track. With the guidance of a career coach, you are sure to head in the right direction and attain success in your professional life. Receive support at every step from expert coaches who can help you with career advice, professional development by identifying, improving and updating your skills, solution-oriented approach to achieve your work-related goals.

Besides following the above golden rules, you can always reach out to your mentor, colleagues and friends for more suggestions and support on your career progress. At the Achieverz Network community, members share their valuable experiences on professional development. You can find helpful tips on overcoming various challenges in professional life, updating skills, increasing productivity, getting hired quickly, and much more that will help you with career growth even during a slowdown.

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