How To Make Immediate Progress And Change In Your Life

By Benjamin P. Hardy | Jul 15, 2020
Benjamin P. Hardy | ACHNET

As you take daily steps toward your goals, your confidence will increase. As your confidence increases, your belief that you will succeed will grow.

Only 3% of Americans have written goals. Only 1% of Americans rewrite their goals on a daily basis. Giving yourself even five minutes per day to orient your life in the direction of your goals is the difference between success and average.

If you don't give yourself time, every single day, to orient your life in the direction you want to go, then you will default to former habits and patterns.

Life gets busy.

Life is stressful.

It's easy to forget what you really want. It's easy to disconnect from your purpose and priorities. It's easy to fall into autopilot and go through the motions. It's easy to watch several weeks or months go by and realize you haven't made much progress on your goals. It's easy to let the little fundamentals slip. It's easy to default to consumption rather than organizing your life and environment for creation. It's easy to focus on the constraints of your circumstances rather than the power of your capabilities.

Distraction fuels the need for more distraction.

Addiction is an endless vacuum.

Indecision and inaction lead to a loss of confidence, motivation, and hope.

Success is a Choice

Choosing to be successful isn't a moral decision.

You can be a good person or a bad person and be focused on your goals. You can be a good person and choose to be average.

It's really your choice, the life you will live. It's your choice if you're going to be happy. It's your choice if you're going to be healthy. It's your choice if you're going to be financially successful.

The decisions you make right now are a direct reflection of the person you will be in one, three, five, ten, and 20 years from now.

If you're not reviewing your goals on a daily basis, then I can guarantee that your behavior and performance is suboptimal. Without clarity of direction and purpose, behavior and motivation become erratic.

Without orienting yourself first thing in the morning with who you are and what you're about, you will be going through the motions. You'll be disconnected from your purpose. You'll be disconnected in your relationships. You'll lack motivation and conviction. You'll allow low-level influences, activities, and actions