Living in Fear of a Job Layoff? Beat the Panic With a 7-Step Plan

By ACHNET Inc | May 6, 2020
Career| Achievers Network

Dealing with layoff scare during a pandemic can be difficult but not impossible. So, what can you do to overcome the fear? Here are some valuable tips from our internationally certified life coaches that can help you come out from layoff fear and anxiety.

1. Create an impressive video resume to make you stand out from the crowd

Your resume tells your story, and you always want to make it the best. Go ahead and add a smart video resume to power boost your visibility score. Having an impressive video profile sets you apart from your competitors, attracts recruiters, and increases your rate of getting hired.

2. Have a layoff back-up plan

Having a layoff back-plan can keep you prepared for any potential job loss. This way, you will automatically know what your first step would be. Start exploring new job opportunities and regularly update your profile on job portals. Have a part-time job in hand to ensure you continue earning at least a small amount even during the job loss period. It could be your family business.

3. Identify Your Emotional Triggers

Find out the emotional triggers attached to your layoff fear and gradually work through each of them. For instance, many people fear that being jobless means your friends might avoid you, your spouse might think you are incapable, or you might get crushed under debts. Cutting down your emotional triggers can help keep you highly motivated.

4.Update Your Skills

We all know that knowledge is power. Use it as the best weapon to blast your fear of being laid off. Enhance and