Nineteen Reasons to Hire a Career Coach

By Dan Malinowski | Dec 4, 2020
Dan Malinowski | ACHNET

The average American works until age 66 and spends 35% of their waking hours between ages 18 and 50 in the labour force. In the United States, what we do for a living is usually the first question asked as we introduce ourselves. Often our career is more than a way to generate income, but a way of life which defines who we are.

Last year, Americans spent over 390 billion dollars pursuing post high school degrees in search of their dream job. After entering the workforce, many become disenchanted with their career choice. They realize working in a particular field is not what they had expected. The average American holds 12 to 15 jobs in a lifetime. Americans change jobs for various reasons but often for a better, more fulfilling career that align with their values and beliefs.

As a career coach for over 20 years, I have worked with clients looking to change or advance their careers. The best way to sort through the emotional and logistical aspects of changing or advancing your career is to hire a qualified career coach.

Before you hire a career coach, you should understand that a career coach is not a recruiter. Career coaches may not have industry contacts nor will not direct you where to find the perfect job. A career coach may be familiar with a specific industry but may not have knowledge of all careers. Additionally, a career coach will assess your interests and identify your skill gaps. The career coach will help you establish your goals and work towards achieving them faster and with greater clarity.

When interviewing coaches, ask their experience helping clients with similar issues. You will know if he or she is the right coach for you or you need to keep looking.

I have compiled the top nineteen reasons people hire a career coach.

1. The career you have chosen and earned your degree in is not what you expected.

Sometimes, the career field you have chosen may not meet your expectations. For example, you may not have expected that being a nurse in an ER would take such an emotional toll. Or an accounting position that demands you work by yourself does not match your personality. A career coach can help you investigate other job options in your field that align with your interests and personality.

2. You are no longer challenged at your current job.

For you to enjoy and flourish in your career, you must feel challenged to reach your full potential. When a job becomes stale and uninteresting, you may feel as if you’re only going through the motions each day. As a result, this could lead to a lack of motivation and increased boredom, which may hinder growing and advancing in your career. Hiring a career coach will allow you to explore other opportunities that will use your talents and interests in a way that stimulates your mind.

3. You need help defining and achieving your career goals.

Your career may not advance until you have specific goals established and a plan to achieve them. Setting, documenting and reviewing concrete goals can increase your chances of success. A career coach is an excellent resource to work with to plan your career goals.

4. You are stuck in your current career with no option for advancement.

After a long period of time you may start to feel stagnant in your career and realize there are no obvious opportunities for advancement. You may feel the need to seek a new job or discover ways to advance in your current position. A career coach will encourage you to take charge of your career by taking concrete steps to address your unique situation.

5. You would like to understand your skill gaps and how to close them.

In an ever changing business world, it is important to keep your skills current. Yet, understanding what your skills deficits are and how to get them resolved may take some work. A simple skill gap assessment will allow your career coach to identify skills you are lacking or need to improve for your specific career. A career coach can also help you fill gaps through various educational activities. With the correct set of skills in your arsenal, advancement and job satisfaction is within reach.

6. You are having difficulties with co-workers.

One frequent reason for job dissatisfaction is collaborating with difficult coworkers. Often, we need to work with employees who do not share our same values or personality traits. This can make for an unpleasant work environment difficult to complete assigned projects. Learning to compromise and understand co-workers is an important part in growing as an employee. There are techniques a career coach will use to address this problem and create a more engaging work environment.

7. You are considering a position in management.

You may consider management as the next logical step for career advancement. It is important to understand that entering a management position requires a specific set of skills. It is necessary to delay entering management until the proper skills exist. have A career coach can help assess your skills before your transition to management.

8. You have no work-life balance.

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