Remote jobs are paying $58K-$270K - are you ready for it?

By ACHNET Inc | May 28, 2020
Career| Achievers Network

With remote job listings accelerating, companies are hiring now and paying up to $270k. This is providing a lucrative job opportunity especially for the unemployed. In April alone, Flexjobs experienced 7% growth over March in remote job listings. K12, Cisco, Amazon and UnitedHealth Group included among the top 35 companies that posted the maximum work-from-home jobs in April. Top 10 industries that are showing strong remote job growth include customer service, computer and IT, medical and health, education and training, therapy, project management, accounting and finance, marketing and sales, internet and Ecommerce.

According to Global Workplace Analytics, a typical remote worker is making around $58,000 a year, but many positions are known to pay well above $100K. Top company recruiters are looking for candidates who can be productive at remote working.

You can successfully land high paying remote jobs with the 6-Step Action Plan. The plan helps you build your online credibility, create an enticing profile, and build your online presence. It enables you to earn the trust of recruiters and increase your rate of getting hired on the virtual platform. Implementing the strategies can help boost your profile visibility in the job market, attract more clients, and find the right remote job quickly. Over 55% of achievers are able to successfully land into remote jobs with the 6-step action plan.

Here is the 6-Step Action Plan to successfully landing a remote job:

1. Explore Opportunities On Most Trustworthy Websites

Remote jobs have always been a target for scammers. Especially in the present crisis, scammers are targeting vulnerable job-seeking candidates. Job seekers need to be cautious and explore opportunities only on trusted websites. Search and apply for jobs that are legitimate, prescreened, and verified by the online platforms.

2. Make Your Profile Enticing

Create a stunning visual resume displaying a 360° view of your profile with ACHNET Power Bio. Highlight your remote working skills and experience to make yourself stand out from the crowd. Take your profile to the next level by creating a video resume. It is a great way to impress recruiters without actually being present for a face-to-face