The 4 Resources Every Professional Needs to Succeed

By Tor Constantino | Jul 15, 2020
Tor Constantino | ACHNET

Early in my corporate communications career, I had the privilege of working for one of the greatest mentors I ever had. Her name is Pam Preston and she was vice president of Human Resources. I reported directly to her. She gave me a piece of advice that has helped me overcome every professional challenge I've faced and has helped me have a successful career.

She told me that the best way to change a situation was to change my perception of that situation, and then went on to say that the best way to change my perception was to learn something new. While simple, that statement has had a profound impact on my life and has helped me become a lifelong learner who's adept at adapting perceptional shifts to relevant situations and challenges.

I recently come upon insights that build upon Pam's rock solid premise of shifting situational perceptions and driving success via the writings of career expert, Jon Acuff.

Acuff is a New York Times bestselling author, speaker and self-described “chronic job quitter who coined the phrase "career savings account" in his book Do Over.

In a recent conversation with Acuff, he explained the need for every professional to have a "career savings account" to be successful and adapt to the challenging situations and transitions every professional faces.

The truth is most people don't like their current job situation. In fact, a 2013 Gallup survey found that 70 percent of Americans hate their jobs or feel disengaged in the work they do. That doesn't sound like success.

Acuff says the "career savings account" concept helps shift that negative perception of work and helps ensure a rewarding, successful career. The concept is distilled in this simple "formula."

(Relationship + Skills + Character) x Hustle = Career Savings Account

And each of the component resources of the formula are briefly explained below.

Relationships - Who you know. These are the the individuals you lock arms with you during your career.

Acuff said, "If you want to find out who your friends are, go through a negative unexpected transition like being fired. Relationships can reset perceptions and help you through those challenging career moments."

Skills - What you do. These are the intrinsic talents and abilities that