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The Easiest Way To Save Money

By Rhiannon Skelton | Apr 14, 2020
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We all like to buy things we see in the store that we didn’t even know we wanted.

Pretty clothes, cool gadgets, a unique household appliance we didn’t know existed that could come in handy.

You see it and You want it.

And why not? You work hard and you deserve to splurge every now and then.

But how often is every now and then? Once a week? Once every other day? Check your bank statement. Think about the little stuff you’ve bought recently.

Where are these items now? How many times have you used them? Are any of them still in a shopping bag or hanging unworn in your closet?

Be honest and think about every non-essential item you have bought in the last month.

Add them all up and see what the total is.

Was all that new stuff actually worth what you ended up paying for it?

Think Time vs Price

Let’s say you make $15 an hour and you see a shirt that costs $20 and you just have to get it.

You didn’t intend on buying a shirt because you didn’t need one but this one is perfect, you have to have it.

Or do you?

Think about it.

Is the cheaply made $20 shirt worth over an hour of work at your job?

Just think of everything you have to do and put up within one hour at work. Does the shirt hold up to all the effort you had to put in to actually buy it?

If you worked for over an hour and instead of paying you money, your boss gave you a shirt, would you be okay with that?

Instead of looking at the price tag, think about how much time at work it would take you to be able to buy it.

When you are casually shopping and spot something you like but don’t need, use this mindset to see if you can justify spending