Top 7 Job Searching Strategies That You Might Be Missing Out On

By ACHNET Inc | Jun 10, 2020
Career| Achievers Network

Whether you are looking to find your first job, the right job match, make a career progression, or career transition, broadening your job hunt strategies ensures you successfully land the right job. When you have a winning job search strategy, you win the job! Following the right job search strategies helps you stand out in the competition, attract the attention of more recruiters, and doubles your rate of getting hired for the right job.

Here is the Top 7 Job Searching Strategies That You Might Be Missing Out On:

Strategy #1 - Having a Powerful Resume

Your resume tells your story. You always work to make it the best by including your top skills and working experience. Did you know that having a visual resume displaying a 360° view of your profile makes you stand out from the crowd, attracts more clients, and increases your hiring rate? Adding a video resume takes your profile to the next level by highlighting your exceptional soft skills, which cannot be otherwise displayed in a text resume.

With ACHNET’s Power Bio, you can create a stunning visual resume and an impressive video resume to make your profile more enticing and engaging than before!

Strategy #2 – Customizing Your Resume and Personal Branding

It’s great that you possess versatile talent with multiple skill sets. But customized profiles highlighting skills in line with job specifications have been linked with increased hiring rate. Recruiters are more attracted to customized profiles aligned with job specifications than generic profiles. ACHNET’s Profile Builder enables you to create, customize, and promote your profile to fit the job role, enhance your profile visibility, meet potential employers, and boost your hiring rate.

Strategy #3 - Taking Personality Assessment

Top companies rely on personality assessments such as DISC and MBTI indicator to find the right job candidates. Your personality assessment profile provides an insight into your behavior pattern, working style, strengths, potential, values, and ethics. By taking a Personality assessment, you can gain the attention of recruiters; boost your profile visibility, and hiring rate.

DISC assessment classifies personality into four categories - D (dominance), I (influence), S (steadiness), and C (conscientiousness). Based on your personality profile data, the assessment model provides