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Transform Your Dreams Of Studying Abroad Into Reality

By ACHNET Inc | Jun 5, 2020
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With most international universities relaxing their admission norms, studying abroad can be easier than before. But gaining admission into top universities continues to be competitive. Each year, millions of study abroad aspirants apply for admission in international universities, but only a few of them successfully make through it. Research reveals that every year less than 5.22% of the applicants get into IVY League universities. How do you gain admission in such a scenario?

Seeking the guidance of an educational coach can help you in getting higher education abroad and boost your international career prospects. Internationally certified educational coaches on ACHNET have been helping numerous students transform their dream of studying abroad into a reality. They provide you with end-to-end support and guide you through the complete admission process, without you needing to travel down to the universities.

Here is how educational coaches can help you through the process of getting higher education abroad and boost your international career prospects.

Find The Top Ranking Universities

Students interested to study abroad need to be cautious with the college selection and application process. Not every university abroad is a top or recognized one. Getting into a top-ranking university is one of the most crucial factors of international applicants. Rankings could be based on the university’s range of financial aid, student-teacher ratio, quality of faculty, academic programs, industrial tie-ups, alumni network, acceptance rate, student outcomes, extracurricular activities, internship placements, internship placements and may more.

An educational coach can help you find the top-ranking university based on your skills, education, academic results, and areas of interest. For example, if research is your field of interest then it is important to keep in mind that a university good in teaching might not excel in research. Your coach can help you find the best research institutions.

Understanding University Regulations and Courses Offered

When it comes to higher education abroad, every country and university has its course list, course duration, entrance exams, and varying regulations. Numerous international universities have relaxed their entrance test norms in view of the current situation. An educational coach can help you provide with the updated favorable government policies of international countries, joining regulation of various universities, gain insights into courses and exams. They also help you select the right course based on your skills, education, and areas of interest.

Pre-Application Process and Admission Formalities

Each country has its own set of rules and norms for university admission. With the coaching support, the pre-application process and admission formalities become easier and stress-free. Educational coaches help you in preparing the right documents for successful admission. Get support in a writing persuasive resume, statement of purpose, and letter of recommendation to increase your rate of admission in top universities.

Availing Scholarship

With the accelerating price of abroad education, it has become imperative to cautiously plan your finance. Coaching support can guide you through the admission cost of various universities and courses and help plan your finance. They also support you through the process of availing scholarships and fully-funded courses. Receive help to draft formal letters and documents requesting for scholarship in universities.

Selecting The Right Online International Course

Do you want to pursue an online international course? Top universities abroad offer numerous courses online. An educational coach can help you select the right online course based on your education, skills, interest, and requirement.

Understanding Post Study Work Opportunities

Prior to investing your time, money, and effort on pursuing abroad education, you always want to know the various work opportunities the course would provide. You do not want to end up studying in a university or opting for a course that does not offer any job prospects. Seeking the help of an educational coach helps you understand the various post-study job opportunities that a university or course can offer.

With the help of experienced educational coaches on ACHNET, over 40% of Achievers could experience a smooth transition for their abroad education. Let the coaching team help you in successfully pursuing your dream of studying abroad.

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