Power Bio™, Power Connect™, Social Power™, and Strategic Hub; together they are the key to Brand Power™. Simply stated, Brand Power™ quantifies the effort you've put into branding yourself through social media, biographies, connections and other tools.

Like you, your brand will be multifaceted and therefore reflect more than your professional profile. It will reflect your attributes, scholarship, proud moments, and goals among other things. These details are part of your biography and the effort you put into building it is reflected in your Brand Power™ numeric. We call a detailed biography a Power Bio™ because it creates a picture of you that you'll share with both your new and established connections. After that entry is shared as part of your profile, your Brand Power™ will once again increase, but your greatest reward comes when someone else shares your profile. Here, your Brand Power™ increases exponentially, because this type of interactivity shows that something about you has generated enough interest to travel beyond your initial effort. You have, at this point, created an audience or better yet fans.

Power Connect™ and Social Power™ will now be an integral part of your continued interactivity in building a fan base. Now, you'll use social media to communicate with not just the ACHNET™ community, but the wider world, including Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, and Google+. You'll use your Brand Power™ as a gauge to calculate the effectiveness of your interactions with fans. Moreover, you'll have the ability to utilize ratings as a way to value your performance on specific tasks.

We call this ability, Power Rating™, because you control what's rated and choose how it ultimately supports your brand.

Power Bio™

You're more than a resume, timeline, tag or tweet and when staged well your biography proves it. Stage a narrative about yourself; list your goals, experience, and education. Spotlight your specialization, memberships, achievements, awards, and projects. List your skills. All of these things about you support your super star brand. It, literally, all adds up! It's all part of your Brand Power™. Each Power Bio™ entry has a numeric value. That value increases in real-time as you complete your bio. In the end, the sum of your effort is reflected in your Brand Power™. Here's where "what you know" is measured not to mention what you've done, earned, achieved and such; all measured as part of your brand. That's why we call it a Power Bio™.

Okay, let's see how this works. Look at your Brand Power™; note the number shown in the circle. You have an initial value shown there based on the fact that you're a new ACHNET™ member. Now, let's increase that number. Considering a value of 2 is awarded when you enter information in "About Me" and another value of 1 is awarded when you make a "Work History" entry, then completing these two entries increases your Brand Power™ by 3.

So, what does this mean? Over time it means that your Brand Power™ can reach triple and possibly quadruple digits.

So, within ACHNET™ it's a big deal, and only a matter of time until it's a big deal everywhere else too! Your Brand Power™ tells others you have a brand that works well by publicizing what you're all about. You'll gain more traction as a talented professional and attract a greater audience. You'll become more interactive and focus on your performance. You'll become stronger in so many ways. Your audience will grow to be your greatest fans, and in turn, you'll be able to command higher rewards: monetarily, with regard to opportunities, and as an authority in your field.

Understand that your Power Bio™ is only a part of what increases your Brand Power™. Connecting with others and sharing are also part of building your dynamic and growing brand.

Power Connect™

What's your brand without an audience? It's important to make connections that will go further than just being an audience for your brand. Channel their positive energy and convert them into fans. Build your fan base both inside and outside of ACHNET™ by including Linkedin, Facebook, and Twitter connections. Then, stay more sincerely connected. It all adds up! Literally! Your interaction with fans and the larger online community will add to your Brand Power™.

Like your biography entries, your connections are quantifiable—in fact, some more than others. Let us give you an example. Individuals with greater Brand Power™ value will benefit your brand. Making connections with individuals such as these will increase your Brand Power™. Here's where "who you know" is measured. Conversely, with your valuable Brand Power™ score, others will benefit by connecting to you. We call these, "power" connections, because we believe reciprocity within a social network is beneficial to the community as a whole. Again, we reward interactivity by adding power to your brand. With Power Connect™, your Brand Power™ increases in real-time.

There are more aspects to Power Connect™ beside making connections within ACHNET™ and inviting connections from your social network. Power Connect™ encourages you to sincerely connect, that is, you're able to choose "Inner Circle" as your hub for assigning connections to your circle of trust. Here, you decide who will become a loyal fan—who'll become someone you can reach out to for genuine support and positive ratings. You also establish relationships with fans or the larger ACHNET™ community through "Mentors and Coaches." This can be an important step in helping you achieve goals, receiving counseling through career moves, and much more. It's also important to note that connections can reach further than individuals and often include business enterprises, training, and management's access to human capital.

It's a way to make powerful connections that lead to opportunities and opportunities that lead to success. Why just connect when there's more value when you Power Connect™?

Social Power™

We know you're a social Superman, messaging, facebooking, tweeting and twirling; so we designed this just for you. Yes, click on Social Power™ and let ACHNET™ be your cyber soap box. Receive communications from Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter and Google. Post to one or more of these same networks with a single click. Upload photos and videos. Show that you like a post by clicking "Power Up."

But wait, there's more. Click "Blog" to put your thoughts into words! Click "Share" to choose your level of exposure. Will it be public, private or shared with the chosen few?

When this much socializing and sharing is going on, people are bound to admire you--you're the life of the party. Include them by clicking "Invite" and widen your social circles. While you're busy mixing and mingling, this much activity is bound to boost to your brand. ACHNET™ never disappoints. You're rewarded Brand Power™ increases with each social transaction you initiate. You know, however, that a powerful brand is not built by just posting, tagging or but through patient, persistent and purposeful networking.

tweeting; Hey Superman, channel your ordinary power into Social Power™.

Strategic Hub

Your brand is not merely built by pasting your resume, posting, tagging or tweeting; but through persistent, purposeful publicity and strategizing. Your Strategic Hub addresses this need. It's where you plan and schedule everything from meetings to professional development. Here, you'll create customized profiles, seek opportunities, and access service providers in support of your brand. Actions you initiate through your Strategic Hub weigh more heavily toward your Brand Power™, because their reach extends outside of ACHNET™.

Ultimately, ACHNET™ measures the effort behind your brand's presence and social status by rewarding you for not only putting yourself out there, but "working it!"

Brand Power™

By now, you’ve heard Brand Power™ mentioned quite frequently in Power Bio™, Power Connect™, and Social Power™. It's the common thread throughout your ACHNET™ branding experience, and yes, we like to think of it as your super power. Brand Power™ sets us apart from any other personal branding platform. It's how we give you the power to quantify your brand. Your bio adds up, your connections add up, and the way you share adds up. In the end, you're rocking quadruple digits, maybe more, that are the sum total of your effort to build an ever dynamic, relevant, and respected personal brand. You ride industry currents, weathering maelstroms and helping others along the way. Your motto is "leave no man behind" and you embody the spirit of ACHNET™. Sounds sweet, so what?

There are more than a billion personal profiles on the World Wide Web. They're all out there for a reason—the same as you. You see them when you apply for a job, position yourself as a candidate or when you're squeezed out while trying to fit through the same sieve of this or that. Some of them come with impressive websites, most with cookie cutter CVs, and far too many are in frenetic interfaces that contain everything including the kitchen sink. Hoping you’re not one of the latter, how do you set yourself apart as a marketable brand amidst this kind of internet clutter? How do you do this with an efficient design, minimalist aesthetics, and number that tells people you've earned center stage and the spotlight? You do it with Brand Power™. You do it with ACHNET™!