I run a life coaching and performance coaching practice. I am a certified professional coach through IPEC (Institute of Professional Excellence in Coaching) which is an accredited institution through the ICF.

My coaching is client drive. At the beginning of my coaching partnerships my clients and I gain an understanding of where they are currently in the major areas of their life (mentally & emotionally, personally, professionally, financially and in their health). From there, we gain clarity on where they specifically want to go and how that achieving those desired result will impact them in the major areas of their life.

Once we have this understanding we do weekly coaching sessions that range from 30 minutes- 1 hour (depending on the type of coaching package). Prior to each session, clients fill out a google sheets form to answer the following questions;

  • What didn’t I get done that I intended to do?
  • What challenges and problems am I facing now?
  • I want to use this coaching session to:
  • We will know this session was successful if…

During session I use coaching tools to help guide them to remove internal barriers to identify an empowered path forward. When we do this weekly, we create a routine that leaves the client feeling clear, confident, and happy and empowered with their life.




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