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Financial Literacy | Anuj Sharma | TEDxJUIT

By Anuj Sharma | Mar 13, 2024

“Ideas have always changed the way we think but it is the execution of these ideas which changes the way we live”, with these words Anuj Sharma started his motivational talk. He shared his thoughts and experiences on making the right choices in life, finding happiness, taking risks and accepting the failures. He concluded the talk with his final words:

“Make your own choice and lead your life which is not full of theories. Take a step forward and find the right path for yourself. Strive more for value than valuation”

Being actively involved in Financial Literacy and Awareness campaigns, Anuj believes that Indian economy can get a boost once its small city and town dwellers are financially educated and equipped with planned logistics. Being alumni of JUIT (batch of 2007-11) Anuj started his first local venture in Himachal from his room in the hostel itself, providing easier access to Computer hardware to institutions and individuals from remote areas of 3 districts in Himachal Pradesh leveraging the existing supply chain.

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