Knowing Your Personality Can Influence Your Career Success

By ACHNET Inc | Jun 4, 2020
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How do you find the right match when looking for a soul mate? Find out what both of you share in common and to which degree your personalities match, right? The same exactly applies with career as well. Your personality can largely influence your career success. This is the major reason why many top companies rely on personality assessments to get the best job fit candidate. Get to know more about How Your Personality Can Influence Your Career Success.

Understanding your personality traits is the key to career fulfillment and success. Recent research reveals that knowing your true self and your personality can help you gain a deeper insight into your hidden potential and guide you to the right career path. It can help recognize your stressors, identify your current and potential energizers, uncover your core values and inner strengths, enhance your interpersonal skills, increase your productivity, and provide job satisfaction and career security.

How To Know Your Personality?

Every individual is unique with a distinct combination of personality traits. Taking personality assessments can help in understanding more about your real self. Employers are using these personality assessments to hire the best job fit candidates.

• DISC Assessment

DISC assessment classifies personality into four categories - D (dominance), I (influence), S (steadiness), and C (conscientiousness). Based on your personality profile data, the assessment model provides suggestions on the right job and what you should be doing for a successful career progression.

• 16 Personality Test

The 16 personality test or MBTI indicator helps to understand the psychological preferences of individuals, including how they view the world and interact with it, and how they make decisions. The assessment is based on the personality theory of Carl Jun Carl Jung. It classifies personality on the below four psychological scales.

  • Extroversion (E) - Introversion (I)
  • Sensation (S) - Intuition (N)
  • Thinking (T) - Feeling (F)
  • Perception (P) - Judgement (J)
  • The 16 personality test helps understand why each individual behaves in a certain way.

    How Your Personality Can Influence Your Career Success

    Understanding your personality traits helps boost your self-confidence, imbibes a sense of self-awareness, self-empowerment, and enhances your efficiency at everyday work.

    Here is how knowing your personality can influence your career success.

    • Seek The Right Career

    Numerous people get confused with their career plan not knowing which profession to go for. Understanding your personality is the first step here. It helps you understand what job suits you and find a job with the right culture fit. According to experienced career coaches on ACHNET, the degree to which your career matches with your personality traits play a vital factor in determining whether you will enjoy and succeed in your career.

    Choosing the right career based on your personality and preferences increases your rate of career success. Perusing a career that complements your personality traits helps you to utilize your potential to the fullest in everyday work, ensure a sense of satisfaction and career success.

    • Power Boost Your Work Performance

    Knowing your personality helps you identify your current and potential energizers, uncover your core values and strengths. It helps you understand what keeps you motivated at the workplace, enables you to capture your strengths, enhance your skills, and make optimal utilization of your capabilities at everyday work. This gives your overall productivity a great boost and enhances your performance.

    • Overcome Career Success Obstacles

    Knowing your personality can help recognize your stressors and understand your weakness. It provides a clear picture of the areas that require improvement. You can work on overcoming the obstacles and enhance your skills to ensure you are more productive at work. This, in turn, helps boost your self esteem, increases your promotion rate within the current job, and helps you progress in your career.

    • Make Informed and Mindful Career Decision

    In order to make any informed career decision, it is critical to self assess yourself first. Personality assessment helps you assess your personality traits, interest, values, identity and preferences all in one place. Knowing your personality helps you develop more knowledge about yourself, keep yourself open for new opportunities, and make mindful career decisions.

    Self assessment is a life time process. It helps you explore the opportunities that fascinate you within your current job role, prioritize which experiences you want to pursue first, and plan your career progress based on your core values, strengths, and interest. With time, you will find that knowing more about your personality will guide you in making more focused and mindful career decisions.

    Knowing your personality type can help you seek the right career, boost your work performance, help you overcome obstacles and make mindful career decision to ensure career success. Internationally certified career coaches on ACNHET have been guiding people with career success based on their personality type. With the valuable career advice from the experienced career coaching team, numerous Achievers are enjoying their profession and successfully making a career progression.

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