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NEW Podcast: Tips for Success on the ACHNET Platform

By Amber Pizano | Mar 15, 2021
A Podcast by Amber Pizano
Listen to the Podcast: Maybe you feel like you have so much room for growth in your professional life, but you’re still stuck at a standstill. Perhaps, you’re ready to take that next step in your career, but you’re not exactly sure what direction to head in. ACHNET can help you get there. Host Shelby Skrhak met with Amber Pizano, the brand ambassador for ACHNET, to learn more about the platform and how ambitious professionals can use it to advance their own career. But, first, what exactly is ACHNET? “It’s a networking platform targeted towards active professionals who are into professional development,” Pizano said. “You can hunt for jobs, connect with your old colleagues, conduct peer reviews, and they have so many tools you can use in a professional setting.” Pizano then recounted her own experience with ACHNET’s platform and explained how the organization hired her through the network itself. She also began working one on one with a coach from the website, who helped her break through some of the mental limitations she had placed on herself. “Once you get over that intimidation and really value and respect your own input and education and experience, you can bring so much to the table,” Pizano continued. “I was really the one standing in my way, and the coach was the one that helped me recognize that I had blamed maybe sexism or the glass ceiling, but a lot of it was self-sabotage, and I didn’t realize it.” Create your personal profile on the ACHNET platform by visiting today.