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What Really Keeps The Best Employees At Their Companies?

By John Hall | Aug 26, 2019
Business & Executive| Achiever Network

Nap rooms, video game consoles, ping-pong tables — that’s what employees want these days, right? Not exactly.

Despite what a walk through some startup offices might lead you to believe, workers aren’t liable to fall in love with a company over a handful of gimmicks and perks. People today know better than to be won over by small stuff. Sure, everyone appreciates an attractive office and a stocked fridge. But the things that really matter when it comes to sticking with an employer for a long time go deeper than decorations.

Thanks to record low unemployment, maximizing employee retention is more important for companies than ever. Keeping the best employees dedicated to your company means getting at the heart of what people really value in an employer. If you’re hoping to keep your talent around as long as possible, make sure you’re offering:

1. Democratic Values

Every employee wants to feel her voice is heard and her opinion is valued. Companies that neglect workers’ concerns are bound to lose their respect as well. While it’s important to establish an overall culture of listening and input, one easy place to start is with meetings.

Make sure your meetings embody the same democracy you’re hoping to instill across your whole company. Ask around before meetings to get an understanding of what’s on people’s minds. While meetings are always valuable opportunities for getting high-level directives across, they’re also great for listening to your team’s needs. Meetings like these aren’t just better for morale — they can also be more productive.

2. A Common Cause

No one wants to show up at a job five days a week and feel she’s not making a difference. People want to work for companies that are actively fulfilling a mission and changing the world for the better along the way. Sixty-two percent of Millennials specifically want to work for a company that makes a positive impact on the world — more than the percentage who want a large salary.

When a large portion of the workforce starts valuing anything over salary, it’s time to take notice. Make sure each of your employees understands her place in the larger company mission, and make sure your company’s mission is one people can get on board with. Have a clear goal you’re striving toward and equally clear ways