6 Easy Finance Tips Every College Teen or New Adult Must Know About

By Brian Yam | Apr 6, 2020

There was a time when I had no idea what compound interest meant, what the S&P was or how inflation affects interest rates. Is that really surprising?

I majored in the molecular biology and it's not like they were teaching this stuff back in high school..but then life put me in a situation where i HAD to learn about it - where in order for me to have savings, investments, and real-estate, you just HAVE to know about this stuff.

(But even with that said, there are plenty of adults that own property and have a decent job that still no jack about finances!)

But boy, I really wish someone was there to teach me about this stuff when I was much younger!

Not only so that I could just have a better understanding about money and make simple yet smarter financial decisions (especially during my college years), but also take advantage of this thing called TIME, which just blows away any 'finance trick' out there.

It goes without saying, if you are like me and have had little exposure to the basics of finance, or were a little intimidated by the topic, I made this video just for you. In it, i share with you:

- The easiest way to save money every month

- Which banks or credit cards to choose

- How to properly use a checking account vs. a savings account

- The books I read to get me started on finance

- Why budgeting is kind of useless for most people and a 'hack' to get the same benefit

- and MORE!!

This video originally appeared here.