ACHNET's Core Offerings to Enterprise Users

By Amber Pizano | Jun 10, 2021

Amber Pizano, AVP Marketing of ACHNET Inc, talks about the core services ACHNET provides to its enterprise users. ACHNET is the first platform that delivers 360° insight into the performance, achievements, skills, and potential for each member of a company's workforce as well as potential candidates. Companies can use the platform to discover their hidden leaders and foster advancement for talented people. Its network-driven structure also helps eliminate implicit biases that make career advancement more challenging for introverts, minorities, and remote employees.

ACHNET is different from any other platform because it offers a more complete, three-pronged approach to addressing career development. It provides a community for professionals to connect, network, and engage with one another. It also includes critical information for enterprises to effectively manage employee development and a coaching marketplace for easy access to life and career coaching services. ACHNET even consists of a robust communication suite to allow an all-in-one platform experience.