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Business Growth Strategy - How To Grow Your Business For Entrepreneurs

By Adam Erhart | Oct 10, 2019
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As far as I’m concerned, business growth strategy is one of the most exciting parts of doing business for any entrepreneur. After all, no entrepreneur wants their business to lose market share, get lost in the sea of competitors, and die a slow and painful death.

So, what are some business growth strategies that you can apply today to immediately start to scale up your business?

Well, here are 9 of my top business growth strategies that you can apply today to immediately start to grow your business.

1. Focus

You simply can’t be everything and do everything all at the same time, you need to focus.

2. Leverage Current Assets

You can save a lot of time and money by simply looking back at some of the marketing assets you’ve already created.

3. Ask

Number 3 is to ask, or in other words survey your current and potential customers. Click here for Ryan Levesque's book:

4. Hustle

Number 4 is to hustle, but more than hustling, you need to spend a few minutes to get real with yourself and ask, just how hard are you actually trying to grow your business?

Are you...

  • Working longer hours?
  • Networking with more people?
  • Creating more content?
  • Reading more books
  • Taking more courses?
  • Or are you just going through life, business as usual?

    5. Teach

    If you look around for ways to teach others about what you do, and be sure to make it more about the value that’s provided then about you or your business, you help to position yourself as a giver and an authority on the subject.

    6. Give

    Number 6 is to give and give some more.

    As Gary Vaynerchuk puts it…

    “There is no sale without the story; no knockout without the setup.”

    Click here for Gary Vaynerchuk's book, Jab Jab Jab Right Hook:

    7. Pay To Play

    Unlike almost every other form of advertising out there paid traffic allows you to get your message out and in front of people in as little as a few minutes.

    That means you can go from no traffic, to tens, hundreds, even thousands of visitors in a matter of minutes or hours.

    8. Fill Your Pipeline

    Filling up your pipeline, or your funnel is probably one of the most important parts of business growth.

    You need to keep a steady and consistent supply of new leads coming in if you ever want to grow.

    9. Put Everything Together

    Number 9 is to put everything we’ve just talked about together into the ultimate business growth strategy.

    Start by getting clear on what you do and what value you provide.

    Then be sure to ask your current and potential customers what they care about so you can craft your message and marketing around that.

    Then edit your existing marketing materials to reflect that, and give away as much value as you can by teaching in a non-salesy way about how you can help others.

    Lastly, use paid traffic to fill your pipeline and keep a steady and consistent flow of leads coming into your business.

    When your funnel is dialled in and you’re seeing good results, simply scale it up, and your business has no other option than to grow.

    #### Summary

    The harsh reality is, if your business isn't growing, it's dying.

    So embrace the growth, and make it a key part of your businesses overall strategy.

    Your business will do better, you'll be happier, and your customers will too.

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