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Business Networking: How to Build Professional Relationships

By Andrew LaCivita | May 19, 2020
Andrew LaCivita | ACHNET

No matter what your job is, over the length of your career, your network and it's health and strength is going to be your single greatest advantage in succeeding in your career.

Sure, a lot of you starting now have some smarts, a good job, and are willing to work hard. All that sets you in the right direction, but over the long-term, over a multi-decade career that simply will not be enough to be truly successful.

My 7 Key Success Factors for Business Networking

There are two areas I want to review about networking: what makes it successful and how to actually do it! So, let’s review my seven key principles for how to do it successfully and then a five step plan of attack to execute those principles.

1. It’s an all-the-time thing.

2. Give value first. Take second.

3. Give more than you take.

4. Do it live.

5. Do what you say you’re going to do—build trust.

6. Move it forward and expand their network.

7. Build a systematic plan that allows you to execute.

My 5-Step Plan to Build a Healthy Professional Network

There are many, but let’s talk about four:

  • Educations and advancement of your knowledge
  • Camaraderie
  • Job hunting
  • Grow customers, partnerships, etc.
  • B. Build your relationship map by doing your research.

    C. Identify 60 to 100 people you can connect with who can help you meet your goals.

    D. Prepare standard messages you can modify.

    E. “E” is for execute.

    Adjust your plan according.

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