Career Pivot: How to Build A Winning Career Plan

By Julie Kratz | Oct 8, 2019

Seeking to support local professionals, through an engaging lecture and workshop series, #RichmondCan: Its Your Move Take Charge of Your Career is a UEA-sponsored program targeted to build career skills to help you apply for and get the job you want. For those currently in leadership roles, we will facilitate a dialogue around the challenges and opportunities around supporting employees in today’s modern workplace.

In the first program of the series, Career Pivot: How to Build A Winning Career Plan, Julie Kratz will lead an interactive workshop where participants will:

  • Craft A Purpose Statement
  • Setting Tangible Goals
  • Prioritizing Aspiratio Competencies
  • Determining Your Critical Actions Steps.

  • Julie Kratz is a highly-acclaimed leadership trainer who led teams and produced results in corporate America for nearly two decades. After experiencing her own career “pivot point,” Julie developed a process to help women leaders create their winning career game plan.

    Her company, Pivot Point ( is built on the principle of reflection, and sharing our reflections. The power of reflection has layers. We must first know our authentic selves, find and express our sources of confidence, and build our winning career game plan. Then, sharing our reflection requires us to connect with those who will help us achieve our career game plan, ask for it, and continuously improve our reflections through leading with influence. It’s like a circle, once we have completed the process and lead with influence, others follow suit and begin their own Pivot Point journeys.

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