ACHNET Review by Empowerment Coach Jillian Arena of Intuitive Balance Coaching

By Jillian Arena | Jan 27, 2021
Empowerment Coach Jillian Arena of Intuitive Balance Coaching Gives us Her Review of ACHNET Achiever Network. My job as a holistic life coach is to work with my clients through areas of transition. I use the ACHNET platform to build my profile. It's a great way to network and connect with potential clients. It's been a wonderful opportunity to have clients that I might not otherwise interact with to find me. One of the biggest benefits I've found with ACHNET is that they prescreen both clients and coaches. From the client perspective, they offer personality assessments that help to pair them with the right coach. That's such a big part of the whole process - being that the coach/client relationship is based on how well we can get along and the rapport we can build with one another. One of the other benefits of the ACHNET platform that sets it apart from others is that it allows a coach to do a video bio. Video bios are a great way to get to know your coach or your therapist before matching up with them. I would absolutely recommend ACHNET to any other coaches that are looking for a great platform. It's a wonderful place to integrate your entire business. You can schedule online, you can create video chats and emails online with your clients and you have this beautiful bio-page where you can speak to what you do individually to really connect yourself with the right clients.