Don’t try to be mindful by Daron Larson (TEDxColumbus)

By Daron Larson | Nov 13, 2020

Mindful Awareness Trainer Daron Larson says although mindfulness has been shown to help decrease stress and increase contentment, many who try it give up convinced they’re doing it wrong. Drawing from his daily practice since 2002, he helps people break through common obstacles and devises ways to address attention-related challenges everyone faces. Daron compares mindfulness practice to physical fitness to help distinguish the benefits from the exercises required to experience them. Just as regular exercise can improve your physical well-being, he argues that training your attention can transform the way you navigate the challenges of everyday life.

Daron Larson helps people feel more at home in their lives by encouraging them to habitually notice ordinary experiences in liberating ways. He has been practicing mindfulness daily to disrupt his own default narrative mode since his first silent meditation retreat in October 2002. He teaches mindfulness practice as attention training, using the challenges and benefits of physical fitness to help navigate similar aspects of developing attentional skills.

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