How To Choose The Best Career For You by Karan Shah (TEDxNMIMS)

By Karan Shah | Jun 1, 2020

Understanding the biggest predicament of the current generation, Karan Shah shares his journey and views on how to deal with one of the most daunting aspects of your life - choosing the best career.

He has a great understanding of education and jobs as he founded his institute for digital skills, IIDE on the basis of filling the gap between the current education scenario and the necessary skills to become employable.

Through his journey, he tracks how he was able to determine the best job for himself through a concept called “The Hedgehog Concept” created by Jim Collins. Karan believes that a convergence of finding what you love, finding what you are good and finding something people will pay you to do is what will ultimately lead you to find the perfect career for you, as this is the method he applied on himself, which in the end led him to the inception of his successful million dollar business.

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