How to make the job search successful by Anna Wicha (TEDxCollegeofEuropeNatolin)

By Anna Wicha | Jul 27, 2020
Anna Wicha | ACHNET

General Manager at Adecco, Country Manager for Adecco Poland. Ms WICHA gave us her thoughts on choice when it comes to finding a job that ticks all the boxes in life.

Anna Wicha has started her career at Adecco Poland in the Sales department as a Consultant. Passing through all levels of corporate career, she was appointed Country Manager. She is with the company since year 2000. During 2010-2011 and again since 2014 she is also responsible for the overall strategic activities and functioning of Adecco in Romania. Since 2010 she is the President of the Polish HR Forum (formerly Association of Temporary Work Agencies), an organization that associates all employment agencies in Poland and its priority is to promote ethical conduct and high-quality services. On the international level, Anna Wicha is a Board Member of Eurociett (European Confederation of Private Employment Agencies) – the largest organization representing employment agencies in Europe, where she represents interests not only of Polish employment agencies but also of those from Central and Eastern Europe.