Job Search, Job Interviews and Career Management Guidance How To Get a Job (Interview Skills)

By Chris Westfall | Sep 9, 2020
Chris Westfall | ACHNET

When it comes to your job search, you want to make sure you know everything you can about job interview skills. For career management, understanding how to turn the interview into a conversation is the key. Overcome your nerves, so that you can be your best, in your next job interview. This video introduces a powerful new online course, "Win the Interview, Land the Job". You can check out the course here:

As a writer for Forbes on the subject of career leadership, Chris Westfall has helped thousands of professionals in a wide array of industries to transition to new roles. He's helped people manage their careers, and handle the job search, in a variety of fields. Most people think that job interviews are something scary, like an inquisition or visit to the police station. But the best job interview is really a conversation.

The job interview conversation happens when you are confident. Because confidence brings clarity. When you know what to expect in the job interview, you are better prepared to answer the interviewer's questions. You know how to turn the interview into a conversation.

Helping leaders from college campuses to the C-Suite, Chris Westfall is a career coach who knows how to go beyond your resume (also called a C.V.). Because your LinkedIn profile might get you connected, but the job interview is what will get you hired.

There are several conversational strategies that you can use to talk about your background, your experience and your work history. Most people don't feel comfortable when asked about the things they are not proud of, like being fired. Or disciplined on the job. How do you talk about your last boss? What if you don't feel you are being treated fairly in your current position? How do you handle those issues, in your job interview? What do you need to say, and what do you need to avoid? Chris Westfall shares his expertise for helping you in your career search and your next job interview.

The economy is strong right now, and unemployment is low. That means that job opportunities are out there, but those job opportunities are tougher than ever. Are you ready to win the interview, and land the job?