Jobs of the future and how we can prepare for them by Avinash Meetoo (TEDxALC)

By Avinash Meetoo | Apr 6, 2020

Following the current trend of the skills needed for jobs and the automation of different industries, Avinash Meetoo believes robots are the way of the future. He therefore says that the creative arts will thrive because people will have time on their hands and will be able to create things that entertain. In addition to the creative arts, there will be a high demand for jobs that call for computer science. Meetoo advocates for the creation of STEMA – Science, Maths, Engineering, Maths and the Arts, a field that will develop computer scientists who are artistic.

The skills that are required to pursue an active career in the future are changing and further to add to this so must our skill set, future technologies are nothing to be scared about, with the right possession of knowledge one can embrace it as well as be a part of the flow that is inevitable its very nature.

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